How to prevent Carpet Water Damage?

Image result for Flood Damage Restoration MelbourneWe are sure that you have been through with problems of flood water inside our homes. Flooding water comes with a lot of damage and emergency measure to be taken. Constant leakage of pipes or regular ceiling water leakage can cause water settlement on your furniture and carpets. Carpets are very prone to water damage and result in a lot of serious health concerns. Carpet water extraction is must to maintain the quality of carpets and overall hygiene of our homes. Precautionary measures should be taken to avoid carpet water damage and further reduce the chances of mould and bacterial infestation. Follow this simple guide to prevent and avoid flood water damage to your carpets.

  • Rain and Rainwater Management

Make sure your ceiling is water leak proof and rainwater has no way to infiltrate your homes through ceilings. Plumbing pipes and Drainage systems should be checked regularly. Any blockage will stop rainwater in the pipes which will result in flooding.

Keep your windows and home doors closed in the event of rain or storm. Any kind of trash should not be dropped in kitchen basins and bathroom drains. Rainwater is the most common cause of flooding in the houses. Keep your homes and walls rain waterproof this can prevent accumulation of water in the walls and drip over the carpets. In case of rainwater, flooding take emergency steps to for carpet water extraction and hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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  • Washing Machines and Dishwashers Or Any Water Using Machine

Before the washing of clothes, check your washing machines of leakages or cracks. Never add more than the required amount of water inside to avoid spilling. If you plan to buy a new one, always make sure that the machine has the anti-overflow device installed. Usually comes with a hose which is directly connected to drain.

Dishwashers should be checked regularly of any leakages or pipe cracks. Check the floor around the dishwasher for any cracks. Proper drainage and plumbing should be maintained. Never operate these machines in your absence, Turn off after finishing your work.

  • Natural Floods and Snowfall

We all know natural calamities like flooding can happen anytime. This can be caused by heavy rainfalls, or river overflow or dams overfilling. Flood water is filled with dirt and debris, this debris clogs the entire sewage systems of entire cities. Contact the emergency services in case of heavy floods. You can start carpet water extraction and removal of water from your home at the earliest and contact professional carpet cleaners.

Snowfall will cause piles of snow accumulated outside and humid air crystalises water vapour inside our home and can melt and cause carpet water damage. You should make sure that your carpets are always water free, hire professional carpet cleaning services for wet carpet cleaning.

Why you need to hire SK Cleaning Services Melbourne?

With a lot of experience and skilled professional carpet cleaners, SK Cleaning services Melbourne can help you in carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning. We can take care of the carpet water damage and restore the quality of your carpets back to new. Be it rains or floods if you face any kind of carpet water damage you can always hire our professional carpet cleaning services to get your carpet and your health restored again.

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Flood damageĀ  restoration services

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