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Best Mop Tips for Your Tile Floors

Wet mops are usually used to clean bathroom and kitchen floors and can be put in water and rinsed when cleaning is done. Your wet mops should be cleaned and dried out on a regular basis to make them able for its use. If the cotton strings fray at the ends, it should be trimmed or removable heads replaced.

Dry or Dust mops are usually large, plane head mops. The fibers pick up dirt, hair, and lint as it moves easily over the floor. It can be pushed under beds and in other places with limited access. You may want to use “dust mops oil” when the mop is clean and dry to treat the mop for more efficiency and save it for longer. To keep dry mop heads, it is required to soak it for overnight in soap water.  Removable mop heads can be machine washed.

Socket mops – are the most usually used within the cleaning industry, because it is very suitable for a variety of tasks in work areas less than 40 sq meters. It has plastic stuff that make attaching and detaching mop heads much easier. They come in different formats and yarns.

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Kentucky Mops – have a much longer thread that is fastened in the middle so that it keeps the shape and to secure the yarn fibers. The polyester band used for fastening can be helpful to DIY for tile and grout stain removal from the surface being cleaned. Kentucky Mops are useful for cleaning large areas.  They come in different formats and yarns. The mop heads are also easy to detached and attached with the use of a metal clip and plate.

Use durable cotton fiber mops.  These types of mops are greatly absorbent and are fit for house use as well as commercial flooring. Twine threads are thinner and its toughness is ideal for a more professional work. Multi-fold yarns are made for long-lasting cleaning. We definitely recommend using a Wringer bucket to get rid of excess water before taking the mop to floor to prevent lines on the floor after finishing.


As an alternative of cotton strings, you can also use microfiber mops. These types of mops are good all-purpose mops. The microfiber strands are delicate and thin sufficient to capably for clean hardwood floors, stone floors and tile floor alike. Microfiber is great absorbent however, a wringer bucket is important.

Bad choice mobs.  Dusting wipers and tile cleaning or sponge roller mops are the least fit for tile floors and walls because it leaves hidden dust on the grout.

Cleaning mops.  You should properly wash in detergent, wash with clean water, wring dry and store your mop upside down after use.


Rotate cleaning water properly. After cleaning about 4sq meters with one bucket water, through it away, rinse the bucket and fill it with clean water.

In bathrooms and kitchens the water should be hot, to be able to kill microbes. To be really germ-free, it is suggested that surface areas should also be washed with clean, hot water.

It is important to train your cleaning workers or domestic worker to recognize the importance your mop plays in the overall cleaning process. They should learn exactly how to use, clean and keep your cleaning tools.

Your floor must be swept or vacuumed clean before mopping. We saw many inexperienced domestic worker not following this process. That causes dust to just move around (and some left behind after,) where floors are being mopped.

Always begin at the corner furthest away from the room entry and from there, move your way out of the room.

Keep the water bucket behind you to avoid bucket marks and splashed water on your completed areas.

It is best to use your mop in an “s” pattern across the surface to stop water and trash splashing everywhere, but please avoid using your back muscles – use your arm muscles to keep away from back strain.

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Things to Know Before Getting a Carpet Cleaning Service

Spilling a glass of wine on an expensive carpet can be scary, but fairly common. Fortunately, there are many qualified Melbourne carpet cleaning companies to get the dirty work done. However, there are some things people want to know before hiring professional cleaners. Here are a few things to remember.

Voiding the Warranty

Like anything purchased, carpets can have valid warranties that may be voided by certain treatments. Owners should ask the warranty, or better yet, call the company before getting a professional carpet cleaning service.


Ask if Their Staff Has had official Training and Certification

Just as carpet cleaning companies and products can get certified, there are many certifications that cleaning personnel can get for them to be truly called carpet cleaning professionals.

Stay Away From Shady Offers

Good professional cleaning services charge by the total area cleaned. Owners should stay away from carpet cleaners offering fixed prices, or prices that are “per room” or “per carpet” basis.

While it seems like a good deal to do business on a “per room” or “per carpet” basis, home owners could be ripped off on account of the charge for cleaning an entire rug and the charge for cleaning a spot off a carpet will be the same. Since most stains happen on small spills and splatters, owners might unintentionally pay more for what they actually get in return. The same can be said for those who charge per room. Owners who have more than one small rug inside a room will think that getting a service that charges by the room is cheaper, but they might be paying for more than necessary. After all, most of these rugs will only need spot treatments.


Check for How Long the Company has been in Cleaning Industry

While not meant to demean up and coming carpet cleaning services, it is better to entrust an expensive or priceless carpet or rug to a Melbourne carpet cleaning service that knows its job well enough to stay in business for years and years. And since people will be paying for a service to be rendered, it is not exactly possible to test the product before buying it. In this case, the greatest way to know of the company’s performance would be to look at the many years they have in business.

Ask for a Home Consultation

Most professional cleaning services offer consultations, but try to look for one that offers this for free. A home consultation is like a doctor checking up on a patient; the carpet cleaner is essentially looking into the severity of the situation. Would the carpet need a simple vacuuming and spot cleaning, or would it require deep cleaning? How much will the price cost? There are many things an owner can learn even during the home consult, and it is the best time to see whether the cleaning professional is as professional as he or she claims to be.

Check if they Perform Vacuuming

All professional cleaners vacuum the carpets and rugs before treatments or cleaning procedures, but it is best to ask beforehand. As always, some companies might not follow the same protocol, so check! Vacuuming carpets and rugs before cleaning has a huge positive effect on both the look and overall results that those who are in the know do this step even when not asked.

Double-Check the List of Services Done

Will the rug or carpet cleaning company remove the furniture from the room? Will they apply preconditioning treatment? There are plenty of things involved in cleaning and conditioning carpets and rugs, and it is the owner’s responsibility to check whether each service is added to the total bill or is free. Knowing which service is free will cut back on the cost of having a carpet or rug cleaned professionally.

Point Out Problem Areas

Owners generally hire cleaners every once in a while to deep clean their carpets and rugs, but if there are stubborn stain spots or other such areas that a person would like the cleaning person to take special note of, remember to point them out beforehand. This is especially useful if the cleaners will be treating a wide expanse of cloth, or if the stain is in a similar color of the carpet itself.

Knowing More And Saves More

When the household milk gets spilled on the carpets, it is unfortunate and frustrating, but hardly any reason to worry. A quick call to a professional carpet cleaning service will get your carpets in spotless and good as new condition.

Though cleaning professionals will surely do a good job, knowing which cleaning professionals are the true qualified and certified professionals is the challenge. Not just everyone can become a cleaning agent trustworthy enough to handle precious and expensive rugs and carpets, or even inexpensive and useful carpets and rugs that have been bombarded with the toughest and most resilient of stains. Knowing these tips could very well be the reason for getting professional carpet cleaning service that is worth every penny.

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Benefits of Floor Tiles: The Samurai Way

Are you searching for a elective on carpets or wooden flooring over your home or office? On so it is worth taking a take a gander at floor tiles.

Numerous individuals would Right away gazing to purchase floor tiles for their home As opposed to traditional flooring alternatives, for example, carpet, Concerning illustration floor tiles are regularly considerably additional tough.

What’s more could make a eminent progress of the inner part plan about At whatever room Previously, your home right away.

Not best will floor tiles provide for your room a moment re-vamp, Be that they would often that’s only the tip of the iceberg competitive with lay over different flooring methods, and thick, as basic to lay likewise.

As far as appearance, The point when you pick a tiled floor those rundown about alternatives is Practically perpetual. This will be a result there need aid thereabouts a lot of people distinctive styles, colours, examples and sizes of accessible for you on decide from, accordingly if you would searching for something exceptional should aggravate your home stand out, or just need something polished you are certain with find it effortlessly.

There are a significant number reasons the reason homeowners, Furthermore the individuals upgrading properties, need aid picking to tile the floors On their home.

A percentage for which incorporate the way that they are greatly tough. Those purpose behind this may be they would frequently made from hard-wearing materials for example, such that ceramic or Actually extravagance materials for example, such that marble.

These materials don’t scratch Concerning illustration effortlessly Likewise other material camwood for example, such that wood, Furthermore don’t stain such as rug might On something might have been part onto it.

Carpet tiles need aid Additionally altogether agreeable. This will be really An normal misconception, Concerning illustration large portions expect that tiles would as well hard; however they need aid splendid for guaranteeing your floor will be level, and really provide An relieving sense from claiming toughness.

The point when you pick floor tiles, you will likewise Figure they would waterproof. This will be a advantageous quality, Likewise your tiles won’t get harmed or stamped.

The point when water hits them, Dissimilar to different flooring sorts for example, such that carpet, which might get harmed The point when wet.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

How Do You Remove Odors From Upholstery?

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We all know that the leather couches are made up of animal furs; the articles and furniture made of leather are quite expensive. People choose leather upholstered furniture due to various reasons.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing the leather upholstered furniture is that it adds a luxurious look to the home.  As the leather is made up of animal fur it contains tiny pores on it. Normally leather upholstery furniture needs to be maintained well.

Upholstery Cleaning, vacuuming and deep cleaning once in a year are very important to maintain its appearance and quality. Regular maintenance will also increase the life of the leather furniture. Poor maintained leather furniture will lose its shine and absorb odor easily after some point of time.

Either it is body odor, smoke from the cigarette or kitchen or the pet odor. When your leather furniture starts releasing odor it is really very difficult to sit or relax on it. Especially the moment will become so embarrassing when the guest arrives and sits on the odor filled couch.  You can use commercial products are specially designed to deodorize the leather furniture this some will not harm its appearance and quality.

Even there are many amazing home remedies which will work effectively in removing the odor from the leather furniture. It is very difficult to bare the odor and this is why you must fix an appointment with the professional leather couch cleaning company and hand over the job to them.

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Steps to Remove Odor From The Leather Upholstery

  • When you decide to clean the upholstery, it is always best to choose the cleaner that is pH balanced and apply or spray it on the leather couch. Check the manufacturer’s instruction and purchase a right product with right ingredients. Follow the product usage directions carefully because you are dealing with expensive couch it is very difficult to bare damages and replacement.  The pH balanced cleaners will never harm the quality and appearance of the leather couch as they contain glycerin which softness the leather.
  • Use saddle soap to treat the leather upholstery.  Purchase the saddle soap online or nearby stores in your locality. Apply the soap by using a wet flannel cloth and rub the couch in a circular motion. Work until the polish is dry.
  • Spray white vinegar on the couch surface. Vinegar is an effectual disinfectant that kills the bacteria responsible for causing odor. Wipe the excess liquid with a clean and dry cloth. Apply a thin layer of orange oil or olive oil for fresh smell.
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in the leather furniture and thoroughly vacuum the surface. This is one of the best methods to eliminate odor from the furniture.

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Flood Damage Restoration

How to prevent Carpet Water Damage?

Image result for Flood Damage Restoration MelbourneWe are sure that you have been through with problems of flood water inside our homes. Flooding water comes with a lot of damage and emergency measure to be taken. Constant leakage of pipes or regular ceiling water leakage can cause water settlement on your furniture and carpets. Carpets are very prone to water damage and result in a lot of serious health concerns. Carpet water extraction is must to maintain the quality of carpets and overall hygiene of our homes. Precautionary measures should be taken to avoid carpet water damage and further reduce the chances of mould and bacterial infestation. Follow this simple guide to prevent and avoid flood water damage to your carpets.

  • Rain and Rainwater Management

Make sure your ceiling is water leak proof and rainwater has no way to infiltrate your homes through ceilings. Plumbing pipes and Drainage systems should be checked regularly. Any blockage will stop rainwater in the pipes which will result in flooding.

Keep your windows and home doors closed in the event of rain or storm. Any kind of trash should not be dropped in kitchen basins and bathroom drains. Rainwater is the most common cause of flooding in the houses. Keep your homes and walls rain waterproof this can prevent accumulation of water in the walls and drip over the carpets. In case of rainwater, flooding take emergency steps to for carpet water extraction and hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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  • Washing Machines and Dishwashers Or Any Water Using Machine

Before the washing of clothes, check your washing machines of leakages or cracks. Never add more than the required amount of water inside to avoid spilling. If you plan to buy a new one, always make sure that the machine has the anti-overflow device installed. Usually comes with a hose which is directly connected to drain.

Dishwashers should be checked regularly of any leakages or pipe cracks. Check the floor around the dishwasher for any cracks. Proper drainage and plumbing should be maintained. Never operate these machines in your absence, Turn off after finishing your work.

  • Natural Floods and Snowfall

We all know natural calamities like flooding can happen anytime. This can be caused by heavy rainfalls, or river overflow or dams overfilling. Flood water is filled with dirt and debris, this debris clogs the entire sewage systems of entire cities. Contact the emergency services in case of heavy floods. You can start carpet water extraction and removal of water from your home at the earliest and contact professional carpet cleaners.

Snowfall will cause piles of snow accumulated outside and humid air crystalises water vapour inside our home and can melt and cause carpet water damage. You should make sure that your carpets are always water free, hire professional carpet cleaning services for wet carpet cleaning.

Why you need to hire SK Cleaning Services Melbourne?

With a lot of experience and skilled professional carpet cleaners, SK Cleaning services Melbourne can help you in carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning. We can take care of the carpet water damage and restore the quality of your carpets back to new. Be it rains or floods if you face any kind of carpet water damage you can always hire our professional carpet cleaning services to get your carpet and your health restored again.

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How To Remove Dust Mites And Allergens From Mattresses?

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You might be wondering how to remove the tiny eight-legged creature which is impossible to see with the naked eye. They appear usually in bedding, places with high humidity, and even in clean places.

These creatures increase gradually in bedding and mattresses. They create problems causing some allergic symptoms and therefore it is good to take steps periodically to avoid them. Problems namely coughing, sneezing, wheezing or watery eyes can be caused.

Ways to Remove Dust Mites

  1. Using dehumidifier technique helps in ignoring dust mites. Since these dust mites require high humidity to survive comfortably, you can decrease the humidity level by which you can decrease the comfort of those dust mites.
  2. Using baking soda and vacuuming is another way of cleaning. Mix one cup of baking soda with few drops of cleaning oils and then sprinkle the drops on the places. Rest it for 15 minutes, later you will have to vacuum the place with the host attachment. In this case, using a vacuum cleaner that posses a HEPA filter is an effective way.
  3. Calling the professionals to clean can be done in the worst case. Professionals use chemicals to destroy the dust mites which can be difficult for people who are allergic to the chemicals. You can also use dust mites resistant mattress which is noted as the best way.
  4. You can make use of allergen covers which is the long-term and easiest way of removing dust mites. The covers are densely oven through which the dust mites won’t be able to penetrate. There are also dust mites proof pillowcases available in the market.
  5. Sanitizing the bedding is one of the best ways to avoid dust mites. Sanitizing should be done frequently. Once your sanitizing process is completed you should cover the mattress with allergy relief covers.

mattress cleaning melbourne1You will have to frequently clean the pillowcases and mattresses to avoid dust mites permanently. Cleaning should be done at a high temperature. You can also place the mattress at the freezing temperature for at least 48 hours to kill the dust mites. As there are more chances for the dust mites to survive in the old mattress, if your mattress is too old, then you will have to replace the old one with the new one.

Tips to Avoid Dust Mites And Allergens From Mattress:

  1. Clean your mattress every day in a proper method.
  2. Try to maintain your Mattress Dry Cleaning, avoid liquids near it.
  3. Get a good mattress protector to avoid allergens and dust mites.
  4. The Cleaning process of the mattress should be done at high temperature.
  5. Flip the mattress once in a month minimum and 3 months in a month maximum.
  6. Maintain high humidity in the room to avoid dust mites completely.

Even in day to day busy schedule, managing to clean the mattress, carpets, and beds are very significant which should not be avoided at any cost to get a good sleep. You can use removable mattress covers which would be easy for you to maintain the hygiene in the busy schedule.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a Professional Tile Cleaning Company

The demand for professional tile cleaning companies is increasing rapidly. Most people always prefer to hire the professionals to clean the tiles in their home. Well, there are numerous tiles cleaning companies present but choosing the right one is a daunting task. If you are looking for the best tile cleaning services, then it is important to take some important things into consideration.

Before going to hire a company, you should do a little research on the internet. Here are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind which are underlined.

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  • Experience

In order to get the best tile cleaning results, you should work with an experienced cleaning company. Always check out the experience of the company that you are going to hire. By choosing the experienced cleaning professionals, you can get an assurance of best quality services. You can also ask the professionals that they have a license or not.  With the help of the professionals, you can also ease up your task.

  • Techniques and equipment 

When it comes to finding the best tile cleaning services, you need to know about the type of tools or techniques used by the professionals. Every cleaning task requires different tools and techniques. If the tile cleaning company is using the right tools, then you can hire it to manage your cleaning task efficiently.  You can also ask the professionals that what type of cleaning solutions that they are using.

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  • Reputation

Most of the Tiles Cleaning Companies Deals are reputed. Reputation is also the main factor that you should always consider. It is important to find out a reputed cleaning company for cleaning the tiles of your home. You can also check the reputation of the cleaning company by visiting its official website. A well-reputed tile cleaning company can help you out to clean the tiles of your room within a short time period.

  • Cost price

Every tile cleaning company has its own rates that they are charging to the customers. Before making a final call, it is important to check the cost price, and then you can find the one that is suitable for your budget.  It is also important to consider your budget while hiring the tile cleaning professionals. You can also compare the rates of different companies to find the best one. Using the internet is the right thing that can help you to do everything with ease.

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  • Check reviews

When you are hiring the tile cleaning company online, then you can make your final decision with ease. By visiting the official website of every cleaning company, you can check out the reviews of their customers. With the help of this, you can get an idea about the quality of services that they are offering. In this way, you can also make your decision effortlessly.

Hope, all the details as mentioned above can help you out to find the best tile cleaning company to keep your home clean and fresh.