Flood Damage Restoration

How to prevent Carpet Water Damage?

Image result for Flood Damage Restoration MelbourneWe are sure that you have been through with problems of flood water inside our homes. Flooding water comes with a lot of damage and emergency measure to be taken. Constant leakage of pipes or regular ceiling water leakage can cause water settlement on your furniture and carpets. Carpets are very prone to water damage and result in a lot of serious health concerns. Carpet water extraction is must to maintain the quality of carpets and overall hygiene of our homes. Precautionary measures should be taken to avoid carpet water damage and further reduce the chances of mould and bacterial infestation. Follow this simple guide to prevent and avoid flood water damage to your carpets.

  • Rain and Rainwater Management

Make sure your ceiling is water leak proof and rainwater has no way to infiltrate your homes through ceilings. Plumbing pipes and Drainage systems should be checked regularly. Any blockage will stop rainwater in the pipes which will result in flooding.

Keep your windows and home doors closed in the event of rain or storm. Any kind of trash should not be dropped in kitchen basins and bathroom drains. Rainwater is the most common cause of flooding in the houses. Keep your homes and walls rain waterproof this can prevent accumulation of water in the walls and drip over the carpets. In case of rainwater, flooding take emergency steps to for carpet water extraction and hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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  • Washing Machines and Dishwashers Or Any Water Using Machine

Before the washing of clothes, check your washing machines of leakages or cracks. Never add more than the required amount of water inside to avoid spilling. If you plan to buy a new one, always make sure that the machine has the anti-overflow device installed. Usually comes with a hose which is directly connected to drain.

Dishwashers should be checked regularly of any leakages or pipe cracks. Check the floor around the dishwasher for any cracks. Proper drainage and plumbing should be maintained. Never operate these machines in your absence, Turn off after finishing your work.

  • Natural Floods and Snowfall

We all know natural calamities like flooding can happen anytime. This can be caused by heavy rainfalls, or river overflow or dams overfilling. Flood water is filled with dirt and debris, this debris clogs the entire sewage systems of entire cities. Contact the emergency services in case of heavy floods. You can start carpet water extraction and removal of water from your home at the earliest and contact professional carpet cleaners.

Snowfall will cause piles of snow accumulated outside and humid air crystalises water vapour inside our home and can melt and cause carpet water damage. You should make sure that your carpets are always water free, hire professional carpet cleaning services for wet carpet cleaning.

Why you need to hire SK Cleaning Services Melbourne?

With a lot of experience and skilled professional carpet cleaners, SK Cleaning services Melbourne can help you in carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning. We can take care of the carpet water damage and restore the quality of your carpets back to new. Be it rains or floods if you face any kind of carpet water damage you can always hire our professional carpet cleaning services to get your carpet and your health restored again.

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How To Remove Dust Mites And Allergens From Mattresses?

mattress cleaning melbourne5

You might be wondering how to remove the tiny eight-legged creature which is impossible to see with the naked eye. They appear usually in bedding, places with high humidity, and even in clean places.

These creatures increase gradually in bedding and mattresses. They create problems causing some allergic symptoms and therefore it is good to take steps periodically to avoid them. Problems namely coughing, sneezing, wheezing or watery eyes can be caused.

Ways to Remove Dust Mites

  1. Using dehumidifier technique helps in ignoring dust mites. Since these dust mites require high humidity to survive comfortably, you can decrease the humidity level by which you can decrease the comfort of those dust mites.
  2. Using baking soda and vacuuming is another way of cleaning. Mix one cup of baking soda with few drops of cleaning oils and then sprinkle the drops on the places. Rest it for 15 minutes, later you will have to vacuum the place with the host attachment. In this case, using a vacuum cleaner that posses a HEPA filter is an effective way.
  3. Calling the professionals to clean can be done in the worst case. Professionals use chemicals to destroy the dust mites which can be difficult for people who are allergic to the chemicals. You can also use dust mites resistant mattress which is noted as the best way.
  4. You can make use of allergen covers which is the long-term and easiest way of removing dust mites. The covers are densely oven through which the dust mites won’t be able to penetrate. There are also dust mites proof pillowcases available in the market.
  5. Sanitizing the bedding is one of the best ways to avoid dust mites. Sanitizing should be done frequently. Once your sanitizing process is completed you should cover the mattress with allergy relief covers.

mattress cleaning melbourne1You will have to frequently clean the pillowcases and mattresses to avoid dust mites permanently. Cleaning should be done at a high temperature. You can also place the mattress at the freezing temperature for at least 48 hours to kill the dust mites. As there are more chances for the dust mites to survive in the old mattress, if your mattress is too old, then you will have to replace the old one with the new one.

Tips to Avoid Dust Mites And Allergens From Mattress:

  1. Clean your mattress every day in a proper method.
  2. Try to maintain your Mattress Dry Cleaning, avoid liquids near it.
  3. Get a good mattress protector to avoid allergens and dust mites.
  4. The Cleaning process of the mattress should be done at high temperature.
  5. Flip the mattress once in a month minimum and 3 months in a month maximum.
  6. Maintain high humidity in the room to avoid dust mites completely.

Even in day to day busy schedule, managing to clean the mattress, carpets, and beds are very significant which should not be avoided at any cost to get a good sleep. You can use removable mattress covers which would be easy for you to maintain the hygiene in the busy schedule.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring a Professional Tile Cleaning Company

The demand for professional tile cleaning companies is increasing rapidly. Most people always prefer to hire the professionals to clean the tiles in their home. Well, there are numerous tiles cleaning companies present but choosing the right one is a daunting task. If you are looking for the best tile cleaning services, then it is important to take some important things into consideration.

Before going to hire a company, you should do a little research on the internet. Here are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind which are underlined.

Melbourne Tile and Grout Cleaning.png

  • Experience

In order to get the best tile cleaning results, you should work with an experienced cleaning company. Always check out the experience of the company that you are going to hire. By choosing the experienced cleaning professionals, you can get an assurance of best quality services. You can also ask the professionals that they have a license or not.  With the help of the professionals, you can also ease up your task.

  • Techniques and equipment 

When it comes to finding the best tile cleaning services, you need to know about the type of tools or techniques used by the professionals. Every cleaning task requires different tools and techniques. If the tile cleaning company is using the right tools, then you can hire it to manage your cleaning task efficiently.  You can also ask the professionals that what type of cleaning solutions that they are using.

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  • Reputation

Most of the Tiles Cleaning Companies Deals are reputed. Reputation is also the main factor that you should always consider. It is important to find out a reputed cleaning company for cleaning the tiles of your home. You can also check the reputation of the cleaning company by visiting its official website. A well-reputed tile cleaning company can help you out to clean the tiles of your room within a short time period.

  • Cost price

Every tile cleaning company has its own rates that they are charging to the customers. Before making a final call, it is important to check the cost price, and then you can find the one that is suitable for your budget.  It is also important to consider your budget while hiring the tile cleaning professionals. You can also compare the rates of different companies to find the best one. Using the internet is the right thing that can help you to do everything with ease.

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  • Check reviews

When you are hiring the tile cleaning company online, then you can make your final decision with ease. By visiting the official website of every cleaning company, you can check out the reviews of their customers. With the help of this, you can get an idea about the quality of services that they are offering. In this way, you can also make your decision effortlessly.

Hope, all the details as mentioned above can help you out to find the best tile cleaning company to keep your home clean and fresh.

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How to Clean Stains Out of Upholstery

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Spills and stains on the upholstery should be cleaned immediately upholstery should be cleaned frequently to maintain its shape and quality of the fabric. Here are a few tips to Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne.


Your upholstery must be vacuumed frequently for maintaining the quality of the fabric and to prevent it from the dust. Frequent cleaning also prevents the furniture from crumbs. You have to be in the first step always in cleaning the furniture. Continuous cleaning keeps the furniture in a good condition.

Follow the cleaning instructions properly

Completely check the cleaning instructions of your furniture. This will help you to get on the right track of how to tackle the stains on the furniture. Some of the stains are easily cleaned using water while others need some solvent to clean up. Use the cleaning code of furniture to clean it in a proper way. If you didn’t get the furniture code, which often happens with vintage and antique furniture that has been customized over the years, just do a simple test using water or vodka or by using vinegar on the stains. This will do better for you.


If your furniture is easily cleanable with water, hit some steam on the stain because it loosens the stain and makes the stain to respond to the treatment.

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Clean, Phase 1

If your furniture is easily cleanable with water, mix some soap or detergent liquid in cool water and uses the sponge to blot the stain. Continuous rubbing at the same spot can weaken and pills your furniture’s fabric. After gentle cleaning, rinse the sponge and use only water to blot the soap mixture. Now, dry the spot with a paper towel or with a cloth. If water doesn’t work, mix water with vinegar or vodka to blot the stains. The smells of vinegar and vodka will disappear when the area is dried up.

Clean, Phase 2

If the gentle cleaning doesn’t work on the furniture, try some heavy treatment and use a tough cleaning method. Whatever the cleaner you use, just do the spot test in a discreet place on the furniture. Use Resolve or Tuff Stuff, and Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook products to Clean Stains Removal Service on the upholstery. This will give you amazing results.

Rinse and repeat the same process

If your stains have still survived this entire process, you are really dealing with a stubborn stain. Possibly this is an irritating stage as you are cleaning the same thing again and again with zero results. Some stains such as red wine on the white chairs are really difficult to clean. When you follow the second phase the stains should almost go. If the stain is still stubborn, you really need a professional help to remove the stain.


Make sure not to spill anything on the furniture, because some of the stains are really stubborn that you cannot clean it in one single shot, you have to repeat it again and again to get results. still, if the stains are not removed just agree stains has been occupied the area. Try as much as possible to keep the furniture to keep out of stains. SK Cleaning Services offering special deal in Melbourne

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Carpet Cleaning Tips – Wool Carpet Care

wool carpet cleaning

One of the most difficult areas in carpet maintenance and cleaning is removing the spots, spills and its stains. It is highly important for you to act quickly when something spills on the carpet especially when it is woolen carpet. The woolen carpet needs extra care because they are expensive and the fabric quality is very delicate, so you need more attention when you use woolen carpets on the floor. Keep the cleaning materials instant, a nearby place so when something spills on the carpet you can take action immediately.

Still, if the stains are stubborn, definitely you need a professional help to clean the stain as the professionals use strong cleaning agents specially designed woolen carpets. The professionals use spot removers which will clean your woolen carpets perfectly. The removers will perfectly remove most of the stains from the woolen carpets. Normally, woolen carpets are delicate so they need a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any unwanted and strong chemicals which will spoil the fabric of the carpet.

The carpets and rugs should undergo professional Wool cleaning at least once in four months by the professional wool carpet cleaner. Because professional wool carpet cleaners know how to handle the wool carpet. If the woolen carpet is not cleaned properly, the pet dander, hair, dirt, debris, and stains will spoil the carpet.

Tips to maintain your woolen carpet

wool carpet11

  • For the cut pile carpet, you need a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or brush and for the loop pile Berber carpets you need a suction-only vacuum to prevent it from excessive fuzzing. All you want to do is clean the dust immediately when it is half filled.
  • Don’t use the absorbent mats at the most frequently used areas at your home. Change or wash the mattress when it becomes dirty. Change the filters in your air conditioners and in the heaters regularly.
  • Clean the traffic lanes and the floors regularly in front of the chairs that you use regularly.
  • Keep the Carpet Cleaning Solutions, detergent liquids and absorbent clothes or paper towels nearby you to use immediately when spills and other dust settles on the carpet.

Stain guide for wool carpet

wool steam cleaning

Before you perform any action on your carpet, make sure you have scraped up any solids and blot the excess liquid spills with the absorbent clot or with the paper towel. Never rub the wet carpet because the Carpet Repair Melbourne will absorb the spills easily.

Cleaning solutions

  • For wet stains, use lukewarm water or Cavalier Bremworth carpet stain remover.
  • Use one teaspoon of vinegar with one teaspoon of wool detergent in one liter of warm water
  • Household disinfectant
  • For dry stains use Cavalier Bremworth dry stain remover
  • Put the ice cubes in a plastic bag to pick or scrape the solids
  • Mix 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of white vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Nail polish remover which contains lanolin
  • Surgical alcohol
  • Place the absorbent paper on the wax and apply heat iron to the paper, wax starts melting and absorbed by the paper
  • Vacuum clean
  • Mineral turpentine
  • Seek the professional help for better cleaning.
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Professional Cleaning Services in Melbourne


Welcome to SK Cleaning Services, Access Cleaning is a Melbourne based contract cleaning hygiene Maintenance Company; we provide services to commercial, domestic & industrial clients. We specialize daily Carpet Cleaning, Flood Water Damage Restoration, Duct Repairs, Duct Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Curtain Cleaning. We provide court yard and common area maintenance. We can also supply all your hygiene, Janitorial and cleaning Product needs.

Access cleaning is an insured company, with many years’ experience. Our staff is fully skilled and insured, fully uniformed and consistently aim to also offer the highest standards of service. We also offer a trustworthy office cleaning and janitorial service to many varied clients throughout the city of Melbourne and surrounding areas. We are fully covered by an insurance program that protects you and your business in many ways.  We provide same day cleaning in Melbourne at reasonable rates. We are very specializing in Affordable Carpet Cleaning Geelong. We offer a cleaning service on 24 hours 7 days  a week.


Carpet Mould Removal began offering limited cleaning services around a decade ago. Situated in Melbourne, we were a small dry and steam cleaner firm. But, as the time passing, we have explored our services. As a result, today, we are also offering cheapest cleaning services.


10 Awesome cleaning tips for Leather Upholstery

The leather is one of the favorite choices of people in furniture, accessories, interior decorations and many other things. One hectic problem arises is to maintain the leather materials clean and good in condition. People often feel irritated and frustrated to maintain the leather materials in a good condition. Here are few easy and simple DIY Tips for Cleaning Leather Upholstery to maintain your leather materials clean and conditioned.


  1. Firstly, to prevent the cracking and drying of the leather materials, you need to rest them away from the sunlight exposure. Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil, mix both of them well and apply on the leather with the help of a cloth or a sponge. This helps you to nourish the leather very well. Rest it for 10 minutes after applying the mixture and wipe it off later.
  2. You will also be able to remove the ink stains on leather upholstery by dipping a cotton piece or a cotton cloth in a little amount of alcohol and then spreading it over the stain. Dry the area later and wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  3. If the stain remains even after the above-mentioned method is done, then a thick coat of non-gel and non-oily cuticle remover should be applied to the same place where the stain still exists. Leave it to dry on overnight and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  4. If you are worried of removing the stains from the light colored leather upholstery, mix a part of lemon juice with a part of tartar, mix it very well and gently rub on the places and leave it to dry for an about 10 minutes. Later apply another coat of the same paste and let it dry for few more minutes. Then, wipe it off with a cloth or with a sponge topped with a detergent or moisturizing soap.
  5. In the case of normal leather, you can use moisturizing soap (for example dove) to clean the stains. Apply some amount of mixture on the area and wash it off with water. This removes all the dirt and grime away from the leather. Make sure you do not over apply the liquid on the leather and dip it in complete water, just rub it with a soft cloth. This allows you to maintain the leather in a good condition and retain the polish as before.


  6. To maintain the leather upholstery in a good manner you need to remove road salt from leather shoes with the help of a mixture of water and white vinegar where both share equal parts in preparing the mixture. Using a cloth or a sponge, apply this mixture over leather and wipe it off with a clean cloth. You need to do this several times to get rid of stains from the leather upholstery.
  7. Some of the leather materials can be laundered in the washing machine but make sure you test it once before washing.
  8. You can use a vacuum cleaner for leather furniture at home to clean in a very easy and simple way. This should be done regularly.
  9. Best way to clean leather is to use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth. You can wipe the surface using moisturizing soap solution. Make sure you do not rinse or buff the leather material later.
  10. Use a good leather conditioner once in every 6 months minimum and 12 months maximum.

Cleaning leather upholstery in a well conditioned manner is very important and it should be done on a regular basis.